How It Works


You select the service you require from the online screen, then complete a simple questionnaire, largely by ticking boxes or answering briefly. The entire process takes a few minutes only and is designed to be simple and patient friendly. Send the form to us via our secure internet server. Best medical practice ensures that a proper consultation process precedes any medical prescription.


Our Medical Director, Dr Eric Asher, a GMC registered UK based doctor will analyse your responses and arrive at a diagnosis based on this information. Please note that we are dependent on the accuracy of your replies to help you. The time from patient reply to Doctor response typically takes one to two days at most depending on volume of patient enquiries, but is often only a matter of hours. As with Consultation (above) best medical practice ensures that a proper diagnosis is arrived at prior to any medical prescription being made.


Depending on your replies, Dr Asher will recommend the most appropriate treatment and forward the script securely electronically to a UK registered Pharmacy (or in more pressing cases, post medication directly from the clinic). Your medication will be sent in a plain envelope by first class post to the UK postal address address you nominate.